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We practice common sense on all of our business activities, to help you achieve a sustainable consuming of cultural and humane resources.

33.3333333333% of our founding team is a cat. #diversity

our vision

We believe there is a main first world problem we all have to face at some point in our lives:

The awkward feeling of realizing that by consuming, we're perpetuating dreadful practices like slavery, and many other human rights and ecological neglecting operations we don't even feel like mentioning.

Privilege may feel like a burden when conscious of how our lifestyle directly affects those of lesser privileged individuals. But it doesn't have to be. We don't have to be a participant of other people's greed when choosing to live a non-frugal life.

This is Outsideral founders main conviction, and the rule that coordinates all of our business practices. We started this because we were tired of all this greed nonsense. If what we do doesn't add value to every person affected, on every step of the process, we won't even put the effort on it.

We are aware of our privileges, feel blessed for all the stuff we are able to do, and are focused on transmitting everything we carry with us to everyone concerned. It is our nature.

Consumer culture doesn't have to be ill-mannered. Our main guarantee is that our purpose and drive are absolutely genuine. Each one of our brands is born from an actual passion that consumes us.

We mean what we do. It is our feral urge to connect and transcend that fired this business.

We conduct market research to validate ideas we want to work in. Other than that first step, the rest of our practices are more oriented to making people glad they exist, than to profit.

  • We refuse to use gender, class, country or age discrimination in marketing campaigns. Those things don't define you and our interest-based targeting works wonderfully for us.

  • We don't employ cheap labour, online or offline. We much rather do it ourselves or automate it. For more details read our Modern Slavery Act. Below, a list of the compliances we look for in our manufacturer's facilities before ever engaging in the trade. Contact us if you need, in detail, our list of manufacturers.

  • We give clothing returns to charity.

On the document below, you can read the basic compliances of our trade partners:

Manufacturer's Facilities Compliances

Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations

All facilities must comply with the legal requirements and standards of their industry under the local and national laws of the jurisdictions in which the facilities are doing business, along with any applicable international laws.

This will cover all labour and employment laws of those jurisdictions, as well as laws governing the conduct of business in general, including rules and standards of ethics dealing with corruption and transparency, and any relevant environmental laws.

Prohibition of Forced Labour

Facilities must maintain employment strictly on a voluntary basis.

Facilities must not use any forced, prison, indentured, bonded or trafficked labour.

This includes ensuring that any workers they hire will be under labour contracts that fully comply with all relevant legal requirements and do not impose any form of coercion (including imposing substantial fines or loss of residency papers by workers leaving employment or restricting a worker’s ability to voluntarily end his/her employment).

In addition, when hiring workers through an employment broker or agency, facilities must ensure that the workers’ passports are not withheld, all written contracts are in the native language of the workers, and recruitment fees are not borne by the workers themselves.

Prohibition of Child Labour

Facilities must ensure they do not engage in any form of child labour, including, but not limited to, the internationally recognized worst forms of child labour.

Facilities must not employ any person at an age younger than the law of the jurisdiction allows and in any case not below the age of 14, even if permitted by local law.

In addition, facilities must adhere to local legal requirements regarding mandatory schooling.

Further, if, where permitted by local law, a facility employs young workers (defined as workers whose age is between the minimum age of employment and 18 years), the facility must also comply with any applicable legal restrictions on the nature and volume of work performed by such young workers, as well as any other requirements imposed by law, including ensuring that such young workers do not perform any hazardous work (e.g., chemical handling or operating heavy machinery).

Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse

Facilities must ensure a workplace that is respectful of a worker’s rights and dignity.

This includes ensuring that no corporal punishment or physical coercion be used.

Facilities must not engage in or tolerate sexual harassment, indecent or threatening gestures, abusive tone or language or any other kind of undesired physical or verbal contact, such as bullying.

In particular, facilities must ensure proper training at all levels - including management, supervisors and workers - to secure a workplace free of harassment or abuse.

Compensation and Benefits

Facilities must ensure proper compensation for their employees for all the work done, by providing in a timely manner all the wages and benefits that are in compliance with the local and national laws of the jurisdiction in which they are located.

This includes any premiums for overtime work or work done during holidays, as well as any other allowances or benefits, including any mandatory social insurance, required by local law.

Hours of Work

Hours worked each day, and days worked each week, should not exceed the limitations of the country’s law.

Facilities must provide at least one day off in every seven-day period, except as required to meet urgent business needs.

Prohibition of Discrimination

Facilities must ensure that all terms and conditions of employment are based on an individual’s ability to do the job, and not on the basis of any personal characteristics or beliefs.

Facilities must ensure that any employment decision - involving hiring, firing, assigning work, paying or promoting - is made without discriminating against the employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors (pregnancy, political opinion or affiliation, social status, etc.).

Health and Safety

Facilities must provide a safe, clean, healthy and productive workplace for their employees.

Facilities must prioritize worker health and safety above all else, and proactively address any safety issues that could arise.

This will include a wide variety of requirements, such as ensuring, among other things, the availability of clean drinking water (at no charge to workers), adequate medical resources, fire exits and safety equipment, well-lighted and comfortable workstations, clean restrooms.

Further, facilities must adequately train all their workers on how to perform their jobs safely

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Facilities must respect the freedom of each employee to choose for him- or her-self whether or not to join a workers’ association.

Facilities cannot discriminate against workers based on whether or not they choose to associate.

Both the facility and the workers must ensure they conduct themselves in accordance with all relevant laws in this regard.

Facilities must ensure an effective mechanism is in place to address any workplace grievances.


Facilities must ensure compliance with all applicable legally mandated environmental standards and should demonstrate a commitment to protecting the environment by actively monitoring their environmental practices.

In particular, facilities must ensure proper waste management, including monitoring the disposal of any waste material - whether solid, liquid or gaseous - to ensure such disposal is done safely and in a manner consistent with all relevant laws.

Customs Compliance

Facilities must comply with applicable customs laws, and in particular, will establish and maintain programs to comply with customs laws regarding illegal transhipment of finished products.


Facilities will ensure adequate controls are in place to safeguard against the introduction of any non-manifested cargo.

source www.wrapcompliance.org

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She founded this business after years of bartending and non-videogame boss fights. She has plenty of creative-related anxieties, which may drive her to stay up all night looking at her latest creation with remorse. Reads too many books to have a proper social life, but with no regrets. Loves humans but is unable to start a conversation. Thus, she decided to share her love and knowledge on the internet.



He spends enough time on Reddit to be able to understand the weirdest stuff on the internet. He's the social connector, in charge of starting conversations and rolling dried herbs. His pushy habits were the seed of this business, mainly because he believes Alodia should rule the world under a strict dictatorship, and won't let her have a mediocre and calm life. He also has spent years bartending. He still does.



We tried to make him our CEO but is too busy taking naps and rolling on the floor.

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